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web: Introduction to ebXML

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XML has the following advantages: It is simpler than EDI.It has many more uses than just data exchange between companies.It is fairly easy to find developers who are familiar with it.It is a platform-neutral language.You can build applications to read and send XML virtually anywhere.

Google Wave Preview


Mercurial - Mercurial

Mercurial - Mercurial: "mercurial
(adj) relating to or having characteristics (eloquence, swiftness, cleverness) attributed to the god Mercury."

CEOs tweet in news story reported completely on Twitter -

CEOs tweet in news story reported completely on Twitter

wave of the future

XML: Not a Markup Language


ADHD meds can improve math and reading scores, study suggests

Pediatricians and educators have long known that psycho-stimulant medications can help children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) concentrate on learning for short periods of time. But a new study from UC Berkeley has found evidence that grade schoolers with ADHD who take medications can actually improve their long-term academic achievement, and make greater gains in standardized math and reading scores than students with ADHD who do not take medications.


ASU Develops Durable, Flexible Touch Screen

YouTube - Vint Cerf at U Maryland

Image via WikipediaYouTube - Vint Cerf at U Maryland: "On Friday, April 17, 2009, Vint Cerf gave a talk entitled 'Tracking the Internet in the 21st Century' at the University of Maryland"Related articles by ZemantaInnovation in Hard Times: Vint Cerf (

Google Voice

Google Voice is currently open only for GrandCentral usersLearn MoreGet an Invite Voicemail transcripts - Read what your voicemail says Listen to voicemail - Check online or from your phone Notifications - Receive voicemails via email or SMS Personalize greeting - Vary greetings by caller Share voicemail - Forward or download voicemails Voice features - More cool things you can do with Google Voice Conference calling - Join people into a single call Call record - Record calls and store them online Call switch - Switch phones during a call Mobile site - View your inbox from your mobile GOOG-411 - Check directory assistance Manage groups - Set preferences by group ©2009 Google