Thursday, April 22, 2010

32" Flowboard Alternative Skateboard

Surf without waves. Carve without snow. And turn a lot of heads with a board that loves concrete.
Unique, skateboard-style deck that recreates the feeling of snowboarding/surfing on concrete
Patented Deep Carve System (DCS) features 14-wheel, arched setup that allows you to carve 45-degree angles with fluid, edge-to-edge motion, preventing wheel bite and bushing resistance
The same heel-to-toe motion of snowboarding or surfing
Great off-season training device for keeping in top shape
7-ply, maple deck with grip tape, urethane wheels and steel bearings
Deck features symmetrical design with concave cut
Fully assembled DCS truck set with mounting hardware and risers makes assembly a snap
Wheels are 61mm x 24mm
30-day manufacturer's warranty

I wanna get me one of these!

ICON has been creating a series of special aircraft designs since 2005 and, led by a former U.S. Air Force F-16 pilot, has just released the ICON A5. This elegant plane was designed in compliance with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)'s demands, which regulates America's air traffic for this type of flight - recreational flight

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Apple iPad Review (PHOTOS): 9 Worst Things About The Apple Tablet

Apple iPad Review (PHOTOS): 9 Worst Things About The Apple Tablet: "While the iPad's display has been praised as crisp and sharp, its screen -- LED-backlit with In-Plane Switching (IPS) -- has its downsides. The iPad's screen is not as power efficient as OLED devices, which don't drain batteries as quickly. Moreover, LED screen tends to be harder on the eyes than the e-ink screens used on eReaders such as the Kindle. (Some users even find prolonged exposure to LED-backlit screens to be migraine-inducing.) The Telegraph predicts that because of the iPad's screen, 'I don't think serious bookworms will be swayed to chose the iPad over the Kindle or a Sony Reader."

Monday, April 12, 2010

Primary Objects - Internet Streams and Downloading Files in C# ASP .NET

C# ASP .NET is one of the first programming platforms which provides a vast array of easy-to-use libraries for accessing the Internet, download files and web pages, and manipulating the Internet stream. With this comes the ability to program your own C# ASP .NET web spiders, crawlers, and robots. However, since the web is an unforgiving place filled with broken links, delayed servers, and misconfigured IP addresses, using the C# streaming libraries with a fault-tolerant method is extremely important.