Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Hyperwords Company


This is the coolest thing yet for the Web - it narrows the gap between curiosity and knowledge.

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Lee Lorenzen said...

KallOut Brings HyperWords-like Functionality and More to All Office Apps, IE, Firefox, Adobe Reader and Google Chrome (in the next


If you like HyperWords over FireFox, you will absolutely LOVE KallOut.

As shown on, KallOut offers many more content providers and it offers them in floating palettes

that work for selections that you do inside any of the following apps:

1. IE 6, 7, 8
2. Firefox 2, 3
3. Microsoft Office Apps: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Notepad, WordPad
4. Microsoft Outlook
5. Adobe Reader

We are also in the midst of adding support for Google Chrome in our next release.

This means that just about every major Windows app (with Mac Apps coming soon) supports a suite of Best-of-Breed Content Providers in a

dynamic, context-sensitive, BestGuess Menu that suggests the ideal KallOut not just those showing Microsoft products.

Please try it out and let us know what you think.


Lee Lorenzen
CEO, KallOut -- a new way to search using only your mouse