Thursday, April 22, 2010

32" Flowboard Alternative Skateboard

Surf without waves. Carve without snow. And turn a lot of heads with a board that loves concrete.
Unique, skateboard-style deck that recreates the feeling of snowboarding/surfing on concrete
Patented Deep Carve System (DCS) features 14-wheel, arched setup that allows you to carve 45-degree angles with fluid, edge-to-edge motion, preventing wheel bite and bushing resistance
The same heel-to-toe motion of snowboarding or surfing
Great off-season training device for keeping in top shape
7-ply, maple deck with grip tape, urethane wheels and steel bearings
Deck features symmetrical design with concave cut
Fully assembled DCS truck set with mounting hardware and risers makes assembly a snap
Wheels are 61mm x 24mm
30-day manufacturer's warranty

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