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Ray Kurzweil on Ted


Coming soon: Google Voice Search

By Ken Fisher

The master of text-based search is looking to lend a voice to Internet users everywhere, or so it appears based on Google's latest patent. Patent #7,027,987 issued today by the US Patent and Trademark Office covers a "Voice interface for a search engine," which is described as:

"A system provides search results from a voice search query. The system receives a voice search query from a user, derives one or more recognition hypotheses, each being associated with a weight, from the voice search query, and constructs a weighted boolean query using the recognition hypotheses. The system then provides the weighted boolean query to a search system and provides the results of the search system to a user."

Translation: the system listens to your spoken query, does its magic, and returns the results.

Google has not recently commented on this voice search effort, although the company's Alexander Franz did co-author a an article on the topic back in 2002 (PD…

MacSpeech - Power Team

MacSpeech - Power Team: "Together, MacSpeech Dictate and MacSpeech Scribe make you far more productive and your computing experience much more intuitive. And through June 30, 2010, we’re proud to offer MacSpeech Dictate and MacSpeech Scribe together for only $249.00, a savings of $100.00."

Google Translate - What Every User Should Know

A long abiding interest of mine has been the convergence of biology with technology. One author who has written extensively about this is Ray Kurzweil. Among the various ways what he refers to as "the singularity” will manifest, is in the wholesale replacement of current biological systems, organ systems, in the human body by non-biological systems. What I found to be one of the more radical examples is the heart. He writes, "as we perfect ways to transfer nanobots to and from the blood supply, we will eventually be able to continuously replace them [replacing] the entire human bloodstream with nonfluid-based delivery of essential nutrients and cells.Cover via AmazonImage via WikipediaRelated articles by ZemantaWhat is The Singularity? ( questions for Ray Kurzweil ( Kurzweil Vows to Right E-Reader Wrongs (Ashlee Vance/Bits) ( Singularity, How Near? ( Predictions on Wikipedia - The Future Anyone …

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Does The iPad Change Everything?

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Google vs. Micrsoft in Web App Arena

Microsoft rolled out its free Office Web Apps earlier this week, introducing a free, basic Office suite for the web. How does it compare to Google's own Docs offering? Here's a rundown of each webapp's strengths and weaknesses.

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How fast R U? Iowa girl wins U.S. texting title