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Resetting Favicons on Apple Safari Web Browser

Favicons not changing on Safari (after all your hard work)?
      Here is the solution (hidden in plain sight). Reset/Renew Safari favicons:       After you click Reset, reload your page and be happy!


Validate CSS3

Are you using CSS3 and wonder why the CSS even has the standard if they won't validate perfectly legal CSS3 code? All you have to do is hack the badge code.
Here is the code provided by W3C for CSS validation badge: Just add ?profile=css3 so that it looks like this:

Pi in Hexidecimal?

Ya, there's (Python) code for that: def pi():
N = 0
n, d = 0, 1
while True:
xn = (120*N**2 + 151*N + 47)
xd = (512*N**4) + 1024*N**3 +
712*N**2 + 194*N + 15)
n = ((16 * n * xd) + (xn * d)) % (d * xd)
d *= xd
yield 16 * n // d
N += 1