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Using Your Phone as a Wireless Mic

TextWriter has the best interface for editing and navigating through text; there are arrow buttons, End, Home, and Del, Paste, Cut, Copy, Select, and buttons to skip words forwards and backwards.

A Natural gas concentrate that doesn't have to be refrigerated

Fast Company: The Newest High-Tech Material Has Been Growing Under Our Noses The Whole Time

Pranav Mistry on

Nexus 7: A Road Warrior's best friend

There is more in common than you might think between a John Donne poem and a well-written python script.

UCS and VCS a great combination. |

Upgrade Hell

2010 GDP in US dollars

- What the iPad 3′s Retina display looks like under a microscope

Evolution of

Some Awesomeness from the Folks at the W3C

Play Star Wars Episode IV