Monday, December 10, 2012

Using Your Phone as a Wireless Mic

I've been contemplating getting a Bluetooth wireless headset with a microphone for years. I wanted to get one to use it with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, or DragonDictate for Mac. But now you can use your iPhone or Android phone as a wireless mic. Brilliant!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Natural gas concentrate that doesn't have to be refrigerated


Photograph by Mark Thiessen
The little flask holds as much methane as the big one—as a powder rather than a gas. The University of Liverpool researchers who made the powder, a form of methane hydrate, think it could become a convenient way to store and transport natural gas.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Nexus 7: A Road Warrior's best friend

Maps, video conferencing, voice to text, a great screen, Jelly Bean, and more make this Android tablet the one to beat.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

UCS and VCS a great combination. |

(This is an excerpt. For the whole article, click on the link.)
UCS and VCS a great combination. | "Now for the best bit, in order to turn these 3 separate or “Classic Mode” Brocade VDX switches into an Ethernet Fabric “VCS Mode” took all of 1 line of code on each switch. Literally just set the RBridge ID (Think of this as the unique switch identifier, similar to a stack member in a Catalyst 3750 stack)and VCS ID and job done.

VDX6720-1# vcs rbridge-id 1 vcsid 1 enable

The ease and simplicity of setting up a Brocade VCS Fabric will no doubt be its main differentiator over the other Ethernet Fabric offerings along with its relatively low price point for full Ethernet Fabric functionality."
Anyway this post was to give you my opinion on how I found setting up Cisco UCS with Brocade VCS. In short really easy and am liking what I am seeing from Brocade VCS. Can see why EMC have added Brocade VDX switches as an option in their VSPEX architecture.
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Upgrade Hell

I have avoided writing or blogging about the "upgrades" to MS Office products out of fear. Fear that I would go too far, that I would sound, well, profane. Now, thanks to this brilliant writer and her WSJ article, I can finally unmuzzle myself and shake my fist at Microsoft. I am sure that some lives have been ruined, laid waste by these "improvements."

Here's an excerpt:
"Upgrades are rarely better or easier. In the previous version of Word, if you wanted to do something simple like use bold face or italics or perhaps center a paragraph, the options stretched across the top of your screen in a friendly here-I-am-click-on-me-kind-of-way.

In the current version, everything is hidden.
One is helpless in the face of technology marching needlessly on. Where is bold face? Italics? Hello? After endless searching—and it is risky to click on anything unknown on a computer because you can end up in a cyber world you can't escape from . . . then you will have to call tech support and that will surely wreck your day—after clicking willy-nilly, I found, under VIEW, something called "Formatting Palette." Palette? I'm not a painter but hey, I clicked on it and up popped a small box with all the options—bf, ital, font size, etc.—crammed into it. I practically needed a magnifying glass to use it. And would I remember where it was when I needed it next?"
Delia Ephron: Upgrade Hell -

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Some Awesomeness from the Folks at the W3C

Dynamic outlines: the 'outline' property

The 'outline-color' accepts all colors, as well as the keyword 'invert'

'Invert' is expected to perform a color inversion on the pixels on the screen. 

This is a common trick to ensure the focus border is visible, regardless of color background.

  1. Outlines do not take up space.
  2. Outlines may be non-rectangular.
Outlines have been around since CSS2.1, but hadn't heard about them.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Play Star Wars Episode IV

Using a simple telnet address you Terminal will connect in and play Star Wars Episode IV in its ASCII glory:


Friday, January 20, 2012


So I have heard so much about the time saving goodness of JavaScript frameworks that I decided to see about it myself. Wow. I've been wasting time and keystrokes.

It took me about ten seconds to permanently switch to jQuery.

Compare the difference between the following two JavaScript fragments:

Non jQuery: document.getElementById("iframe").src = url;

jQuery: $('#iframe').load(url);

See what I mean?!

Here's a quote from my fav jQuery book:

To conquer the sleeping giant that is JavaScript, you just need to buckle down and spend the next few years learning about programming languages: functions, classes, design patterns, proto- types, closures ...

  Or there’s a secret that some of the biggest names on the Web—like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, Twitter, and WordPress—will probably be okay about us sharing with you: “Just use jQuery!” Designers and developers the world over are using the jQuery library to elegantly and rapidly implement their interaction ideas, completing the web development puzzle.