So I have heard so much about the time saving goodness of JavaScript frameworks that I decided to see about it myself. Wow. I've been wasting time and keystrokes.

It took me about ten seconds to permanently switch to jQuery.

Compare the difference between the following two JavaScript fragments:

Non jQuery: document.getElementById("iframe").src = url;

jQuery: $('#iframe').load(url);

See what I mean?!

Here's a quote from my fav jQuery book:

To conquer the sleeping giant that is JavaScript, you just need to buckle down and spend the next few years learning about programming languages: functions, classes, design patterns, proto- types, closures ...

  Or there’s a secret that some of the biggest names on the Web—like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, Twitter, and WordPress—will probably be okay about us sharing with you: “Just use jQuery!” Designers and developers the world over are using the jQuery library to elegantly and rapidly implement their interaction ideas, completing the web development puzzle.


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