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Top 10 surprising TextEdit for Mac tips - Features - Macworld UK

Here is an excerpt. (I tried this and it WORKS!)


View word and character count in TextEdit

One missing feature most requested by TextEdit users is word count. Adding it to TextEdit is extremely easy via a little AppleScript. Open the AppleScript Editor program, which you’ll find in in the Applications list of Finder. When it starts click the New Document button, then paste in to the main editing area what you see below: tell application "TextEdit" set wc to count words of document 1 set cc to count characters of document 1 if wc is equal to 1 then set txt to " word and " else set txt to " words and " end if if cc is equal to 1 then set txtc to " character." else set txtc to " characters." end if set result to (wc as string) & txt & (cc as string) & txtc display dialog result with title "Word and character count" buttons {"OK"} default button "OK" end tell On th…

Audio Quality Or Lack Thereof

Has anyone else noticed the horrible, abysmal, really awful audio quality for the the audio feature that's been added to Messages in iOS 8?

Apple's new iOS 8

iOS logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Cool new features, no doubt, but it feels a bit hesitant at times. A faster chipset and more memory (on future phones) will surely help.

I've got an iPhone 5s with 32GB...

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