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Google Goggles

Chromium OS

USGS Release: 3 to 4.3 Billion Barrels of Technically Recoverable Oil Assessed in North Dakota and Montana’s Bakken Formation—25 Times More Than 1995 Estimate

Home page of the Meteor Shower Flux Estimator (FLUXTIMATOR)

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Nook Reviews, eBook Reader, eBook Device - Barnes & Noble

UPC Barcode Invention

Regular expressions (regex or regexp for short)

ScienceMatters @ Berkeley. Physics that Presidents Need to Know

Quantum computer slips onto chip

Augmented Reality in a Contact Lens

Racetrack Memory: The Future Third Dimension of Data Storage

Maple Tree Power

Visa payWave | Personal | Visa USA

Eclipse Errors on Mac OS X

T Shaped People

A Beginner's Guide to VMware Fusion

Official Google Blog: Introducing the Google Chrome OS

How to Succeed by Trying

web: WebServices - Axis

WebServices - Axis

Life's tough, so cameras are getting tougher -

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Michelle Munson of Aspera on Massive Data Transfer Technology

From Laid-off Engineer To Successful Startup CEO: Michelle Munson of Aspera (Part 7) | Sramana Mitra on Strategy

web: Introduction to ebXML

Google Wave Preview

Mercurial - Mercurial

CEOs tweet in news story reported completely on Twitter -

wave of the future

XML: Not a Markup Language

ADHD meds can improve math and reading scores, study suggests

ASU Develops Durable, Flexible Touch Screen

YouTube - Vint Cerf at U Maryland

Google Voice

Using water to create nanoscale power cells - Ars Technica

Apache Ant - Frequently Asked Questions

Dijkstra's algorithm


Twitter jilts Ruby for Scala

G.M. Conjures Up a People-Moving Pod - Wheels Blog -

Jython Programming

Get Latitude and Longitude values from Google Maps | Google | Tech-Recipes

Robotic Carp Unleashed Into the Sea to Sniff Out Pollution

Now You CAN Give One

Lie to Me - The Inpiration Behind the Show

Kraken | National Institute for Computational Sciences

Apple, .Mac, and the Need for Improvement

Nanotech Buzz (Creative Weblogging)

A few tidbits about Mail’s fancy data detectors in Leopard | MacYourself

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